Press Release | Montane Finance helps North West-based Montessori nursery group to expand their portfolio.

Montane Finance secures 7-figure finance package for ‘outstanding’ North West Nursery Group.

Montane Finance is helping North West-based Montessori nursery group to expand their portfolio. Hignett Holdings, owned and managed by Danielle Hignett, already has two nurseries in the Greater Manchester area and is planning to acquire a third in Stockport, Cheshire as part of a phased expansion.

 The company already owns two Ofsted-graded ‘Outstanding’ nurseries in the North West and wants to maintain their current high educational standards while expanding their group. In this phase of the planned expansion, the group is seeking to add Hazlewood Nursery in Stockport to their portfolio and require re-financing on the existing group.

 Danielle Hignett, Owner, Operator and Manager of Hignett Holdings, approached Montane Finance to help her secure the funding that she needed. Montane Finance has been able to support Hignett Holdings and Danielle in securing her funding through their access and connections to specialists across industry. It is this network of highly skilled, astute professionals that helps brands and organisations in the growth phase to access the funding and finance that they need to take their business to the next level. 

 All three nurseries owned by Hignett Holdings- Danielle Hignett are all  Montessori nurseries; Holly Tree Montessori and Hazel Tree Montessori both in Edgeley, Stockport and Pear Tree Montessori in Sale. The Montessori approach is practiced globally; following each child’s different learning styles, the Montessori approach is structured to support child development at their own pace. A holistic approach, Montessori recognises the social and emotional development of a child as essential to their education, with an emphasis on how they learn, rather than what they learn.

Scott Murcott, Director of Montane Finance, said, “It was a privilege to have partnered with Danielle and her team. Danielle is an exceptional operator, dedicated, hands on and truly inspirational in her approach. We are thrilled to have been able to successfully support the group with this landmark refinance, securing the growth of the business with the acquisition of the new setting, especially given the calibre and quality of the banking partner identified.

With Danielle’s exemplary blueprint, ideology and passion for creating a totally unique and happy environment for children to learn and develop, I am positive that the business will continue to successfully grow from strength to strength. Everyone at Montane wish Danielle and the team the very best for the future of the group!”.

Danielle Hignett, Owner Operator of Hignett Holdings, said “It has been a longer process than usual to acquire another nursery during COVID and more hurdles than anticipated.  However, without the support and knowledge of Montane Finance this deal would not have gone through as seamlessly. I am thrilled with the purchase of the new nursery and have great plans ahead. I highly recommend Montane finance for any business trying to find the best deals on the market.  It saves time and can save money in the long term.”

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